Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the process work?

Midwest Automotive Designs (MAD) will have a brief conversation with you to discuss your wants and needs for your customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter. After that, we will assist you in choosing a floor plan that meets your needs and lifestyle. Once the build has been confirmed, we’ll generate a purchase order for your approval (a deposit may be required prior to build). Your Sprinter van will then be scheduled for production. Payment may be required prior to delivery.

How do I handle warranty claims?
Your first call should always be to MAD. This will insure a speedy repair and verify if the repair falls under warranty. We will help diagnose the issue and handle ourselves or suggest a repair facility.
Is Financing available?
How long have you been in business?
Our founder has over 30 years in the custom automotive industry and MAD was organized more than 12 years ago.
How will my Sprinter Van get delivered?
We can arrange transport via a flat bed truck, our personal driver will drive to your location and we always encourage customer pick up.
Can we come to the factory?
Absolutely, and this is highly recommended. You can see first hand our more than 100 employees designing and hand crafting more than 50 units in production at any given time. Allowing you to see and select first hand your new custom MB Sprinter and its design.
Do you have a dealer network?

Yes, you can see a list of our valued partners.

Can I customize the van?

Yes, Yes, Yes... This is one of the most important reasons that sets MAD apart from others... Customization is encouraged. We don't build and sell "cookie cutter vans" We custom build luxury vehicles to meet our customer Lifestyles...

How long does it take to build my Sprinter?

8 to 10 weeks. Some slightly more, some slightly less. It depends on the level of upfitter.

Do you provide the chassis or do I need to get my own?

We can supply the chassis. We have a large inventory of chassis both here at our MAD facility or at our MB Dealer locations.

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