Custom RV Vans Extend Your Pleasure Anywhere

May 25, 2016 | Posted under Sprinter Van

If the thought of getting away from it all without leaving the luxury of modern conveniences behind sounds appealing, you’re not alone. Our DayCruiser and Weekender custom travel vans have ignited unprecedented interest in Class B motorhomes (which is outpacing every other segment in the industry with a 19.7% YoY increase). CONTINUE READING

The Luxury Conversion Van: Part Mobile Office, Part VIP Suite

August 3, 2016 , Sprinter Van

A Midwest Automotive Designs luxury conversion van bears little resemblance to any van you’ve ever seen. A remarkable blend of technology and handcrafted luxury transforms Mercedes-Benz engineering into a business command center that resembles a private jet with wheels instead of winds. CONTINUE READING

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