The Luxury Conversion Van: Part Mobile Office, Part VIP Suite

August 3, 2016 | Posted under Sprinter Van

A Midwest Automotive Designs luxury conversion van bears little resemblance to any van you’ve ever seen. A remarkable blend of technology and handcrafted luxury transforms Mercedes-Benz engineering into a business command center that resembles a private jet with wheels instead of wings.

A Sprinter mobile office conversion van from Midwest Automotive is the finest way to commute while keeping your productivity in high gear. Outside, it presents a sleek, stylish appearance befitting the lifestyle of the busy executive. Inside, there’s leather everywhere, much of it double-stitched.

Satellite TV, video conferencing, Wi-Fi, high-end audio and more are all at your command, compliments of an iPad powered by Crestron’s one-touch controls. Lighting, climate and window shade controls are also at your fingertips. It’s the ultimate mobile corner office, designed just the way you like it.

The designers, craftsmen and technical wizards of Midwest Automotive Designs can create virtually anything imaginable. A mobile office with a rear-facing widescreen TV that takes over tailgate parties? Check. A plush shuttle that also accommodates weekend getaways? You bet.

It’s a level of luxury and technology that makes it clear why the business van is gaining an avid following. Wade Martin, a Midwest customer since 2009, is now on his fourth van – each more customized to his needs than its predecessor. A financial industry executive on the U.S. East Coast, he says his van (based on Midwest’s Luxury Mobile Office model) lets him find the right work/life balance.

"If you look at it in terms of billable hours, hiring a driver and traveling in this kind of office-on-wheels is the smartest thing you can do," Martin says. "Every hour I’m in transit is now a productive hour. And I’m not having to work when I get home. I’m relaxed, and I spend more time with my family." Midwest installed Martin’s latest luxury Sprinter van with 4G LTE Wi-Fi technology, wider HD flat screens, a bigger fridge and coat hooks so he can hang up his suit. Other owners have designed their vans to accommodate pets, sports equipment, and more.

"In the end," notes Midwest’s President Tim Gray, "the one thing busy execs can’t buy more of is time. But with a Mercedes Sprinter van converted to meet their needs, and crafted to our standards, they can make the most of every hour of their day. People think it’s a luxury. But for our customers, it’s really more of a necessity."